Frequently Asked Questions

Cheap does not mean good investment

Perth is a very tricky region to purchase property in. Perth has some cheap suburbs and some of them are cheap for a very good reason and will stay that way for many years to come.

Are Buyer’s Agent’s worth their fee?

Let’s take a look at how our fee structure works and why it makes sense (for many reasons, not just the price) for property buyers to engage a buyer’s agent.

Think about it this way: buying a property, either as an owner-occupier or as an investor, will likely be the biggest financial transaction you will ever make. You’re purchasing something worth millions of dollars; hundreds of thousands at the very least. And that’s just the financial cost. There’s also the emotional investment to think about: you’re buying your dream home or purchasing a property to grow your wealth to create the life you want to live.

Australian’s love property and most people believe they have a pretty competent understanding of the market. But buying property is never as easy as it seems. In fact, it is fraught with many risks and pitfalls.

Everyone knows someone who made a bad purchase that has cost them an enormous amount of money. Or someone who spent months or even years missing out at auction or having offers knocked back and eventually had to settle on something they’re not happy with. Or someone who has simply paid far, far too much.

How are you different from other Perth Buyers Agents?

As I personally inspect each property on your behalf you have the years of architectural and structural experience at hand.

With so many years of being on the ground and seeing the market first hand I can advise you of the best places to invest that will have low risk rating and strong capital growth and return potential. Most buyers’ agents will direct you to where the media is promoting as a good area. Those markets are too hot and overpriced, you need to be buying in the area as the media is going to be talking about and that is something I can bring that not many other buyers agents in Perth can.

How can you help me?

We are here to do everything you need, from the very beginning where we identify your requirements to educating you into the different suburbs of Perth to finding the right property and conducting virtual tours to negotiating the right price for the property. But it doesn’t end there either, I will continue to support your property well into the future ensuring the property management is looked after and your home is being rated well.

How do you find properties?

We run a number of systems that are designed to identify properties that have not reached the market yet which we call Off Market Transactions and I also have my own custom software that searches hundreds of property web sites throughout Australia for the latest listings. The software takes your requirements and conducts a daily search and provided me with a custom report each day. Using this method I am able to identify properties that others haven’t seen yet.

How long does it take to find a property?

It generally takes between 2 to 8 weeks depending on your requirements, budget and available stock.  Some buyers like to go slow in the beginning in order to become more familiar with the Perth property market and the types of property that are available. However in saying that, generally either the first or second property I show you ends up being the right property.

Property Price Cycle

Property Price Cycle is the position on the price scale at which a property currently sits. The property price cycle is either on the way up, close to the top, on the way down or at the bottom. The secret to investing in a property based on the property price cycle is to purchase in an area that is on the way up the price cycle. Preferably as close to the lower end of the property price cycle than closer to the top as this will provide a higher level of capital growth.

What is a Buyer’s Agent?

A Buyers Agent is a person or agent appointed by another person to assist them in the purchase of a property.

What is the Difference between a Buyer’s Agent and a Real Estate Agent?

A buyer’s agent is a person who can source property on your behalf and negotiate a reasonable price. Where real estate agents sell a properties on behalf of the vendor. One acts in the interests of the vendor and a buyer’s agent acts in the interests of the buyer.

What types of properties can you source?

We can source any type of property you need, from units to townhouses to dual income properties to established house and brand new house and land packages.

Who Do You Help?

We help anyone from local people to interstate and overseas buyers who need help identifying a suitable property. We provide ongoing local market education to our customers so that they themselves can make an informed decision on the recommended properties being presented

Why You Need a Local Perth Buyers Agent

Investing in Perth Real Estate has a number of pitfalls for those that do not know the region. We have some very cheap suburbs that are going to stay cheap for a very long time. They may appear on the surface to be a good investment but 2 years later and the property has not achieved any capital growth and the tenants are behind in the rent. It’s my job to show you why and once you see it, you will understand.

Do you sign on my behalf?

NO absolutely not, there is no need for a Buyer’s Agent to sign anything on your behalf. Everything we do is done in conjunction with you. Nothing is done without your direct authorisation.

Is the fee worth it?
Absolutely – we see it time and time again.

When you’re about to spend so much money on something that has such an enormous impact on your life now and into the future, why wouldn’t you seek expert support to help you buy the best option?

The Buyer’s Agent fee spent to engage SPDA Buyers’ to search, assess and negotiate the purchase of your ideal property is the best investment you can make.

Dual Key Property

Dual Key Property or Dual Living relates to a type of property built with 2 complete dual living areas, each with their own separate entrance, car parking, kitchen, bathroom, and living areas. It is a way of effectively increasing the income of a property. Each living area has its own lease agreement.

How do we know what we are buying?

I go out of my way to provide you with as much information about a property as possible. In the first instance you will get an email from me advising that I have identified a property that matches your needs. From there I will book an inspection with the agent and record detailed imaging.

How does it work?

We commence with a strategy planning meeting which can be done in person or over the phone. The purpose of this initial stage is to identify your needs and requirements from which we create a property profile.
From there we commence identifying suitable properties which are presented to you. This process continues until we have found a suitable property.

I am not based in Perth, who will look after my property?

We treat each and every property as our own and will continue to look after it well into the future. We provide periodical checks on the property and will provide you with regular updates in addition to those provided by the property management company.

From there we commence identifying suitable properties which are presented to you. This process continues until we have found a suitable property.

What about property management?

SPDA will recommend to you very good property managers who provide a high quality service and will provide you with discounts for their services.

From there we commence identifying suitable properties which are presented to you. This process continues until we have found a suitable property.

What is Depreciation?

Depreciation is in relation to new investment properties and is a tax deduction that allows property owners to offset their investment properties reduction in value from their taxable income. Australian law allows investors to claim tax deductions on both the decline in value of the properties structure and items considered permanently fixed to the property and the decline in value of plant and equipment assets found within it (stoves, dishwashers, air conditioners, carpets and blinds).

Is my home too old to claim depreciation?

No. If your residential property was built after July 1985, you can claim both building allowance and plant and equipment. If construction on your property was commenced prior to July 1985 then you can only claim depreciation on plant and equipment.

Where do your customers come from?

Our clients come from all over Australia and the world. Sometimes they may come up for a day trip if they’re in Australia and I will take them out for an educational tour of the area. Having the 360 degree virtual tours means that you can view the properties in great details from anywhere. I even have local clients in Perth who just need a hand looking in the right direction.

Let us Find You the Place You Deserve

We’d love the opportunity to help build your wealth through property. To start the ball rolling, please take a moment to tell us what you’re looking for by filling out the no obligation enquiry form below or call us, your buyer’s advocate in Perth, WA.